Comments on October 2000 Catawba Enrollment Information

Comment from Webmaster: In the October 2000 issue of the Catawba Nation newsletter RiverSpeak, Chief Gilbert Blue, in a general tribal membership letter, addressed among other points a reference to tribal enrollment process and his inability to modify and/or correct any errors in the Catawba roll hence forth. Below are the first two paragraphs from this open letter.

Comment from Webmaster: In the same issue of RiverSpeak an interesting related comment about tribal enrollment appeared which is quoted in part below. Please note that apparently not everyone was treated with the same documentary requirment that Chief Blue speaks of in the above open letter. As of October 2000, the Tribal Enrollment Office is still attempting to collect mandatory long birth certificates which should have been compiled before the BIA published the Proposed Final Membership Roll on December 21, 1999. The BIA failed in its obligations to the Catawba people and to the public as the BIA clearly allowed at least two different standards for enrollment procedures to be administered. This is a clear violation of the US Constitution for due process protections. No one knows which individuals were excused from this legal duty and major expense to produce "long form birth certificates" while others were required to do so. This is a gross miscarriage of justice and fairness --- Webmaster.

Comment from Webmaster: As we have stated all along. Those who petitioned for tribal enrollment have asked for a fair, honest, unbiased reviewing of our applications for tribal enrollment. This is further evidence that the process was not an objective evaluation but one in which an arbitary use of documents was applied, and that some individuals were viewed differently by the current Executive Committee Members and/or the BIA than other individuals.