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Attorney at Law
1374 South Vine Street
Denver, Colorado 80210-2335
(303) 777-2699

October 20, 1995

Judy Canty Martin
921 North Edith
Colorado 81321

         RE: Catawba Membership

Dear Mrs. Martin:

I received your letter dated October 2, 1995. On June 7, 1995, I wrote to both Wanda George Warren, of the Catawba Indian Tribe, and Larry Blair, of the BIA. I have received im response. I received a letter from Cynthia A. Walsh dated July 10, 1995, that I have not yet responded.

Until the tribe and BIA specifically indicate whether you shall be granted membership, no legal steps may truly be taken. However, Ms. Walsh indicated in her letter to me that the BIA has stated the petitions for membership may be denied. Thus, it seems discussion may be had before a final determination since the membership process appear contentious and somewhat disorganized.

Please advise me whether you have received further information and whether Ms. Walsh wishes to still meet with me.

Thank you and sincerely,


Karin Johnson Chatfield

cc. Cynthia A. Walsh

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