Harris Family Photo Page

The following is a collection of photographs of Lillie and Rhoda Harris and their families. These photos were obtained from the collection by Dale Ballard, descendant of John Ephram Ballard and Lillie (Harris) Ballard. If you wish to reproduce these photographs, please contact the webmaster for written permission prior to reproducing.

Below are reduced-size images of the photographs collected for the Harris Family Photo Page.  To view the full-size image of one of these photographs, simply click on the image below. If you wish to download the image file for this photograph, use the Save command (under the File menu item) on your web-browser.

Rhoda Harris Family Nancy Harris  
Rhoda Harris
and Family

Nancy Harris
Daughter of Rhoda Harris

Lillie Harris Lillie Harris Lillie_harris and Children
Lillie (Harris) Ballard
Daughter of Nancy Harris
  John Ephram Ballard   

Lillie (Harris) Ballard
  Born 1872    Rockhill, S.C.
Died 1955   
Lillie Harris and