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July 15, 1994

Algerine McCray, Chief
Division of Civil Rights
Box 942874 - MS 79
Sacramento, CA 94274-0001

Dear Chief McCray:

We were contacted by Mr. Garce in reference to his application for Minority (DBE) Certification with your organization. We are happy to assist him in his application. Mr. Garce is known to members of this Tribe and is certainly of Catawba descent. His ancestors went West as missionaries at the end of the last century. Although separated by geography, these Catawbas have retained close ties with the Tribe. Mr. Garce, in fact, has both uncles and cousins who live on the Reservation and are currently on our Roll.

In reference to the issue of Tribal Roll Number, please be advised that we are not issuing Tribal Roll Numbers. Our current Roll is being finalized pursuant to our Settlement Agreement (P.L. 103-116). This Law is very specific in its criteria on who we are allowed to place on our active Roll. Until this Roll is finalized through a process of publication and appeal in the Federal Register, no Roll numbers will be issued. We are sorry for any confusion that this might cause you.

We hope that this letter is, responsive to your question of whether Mr. Garce is a "bona-fide" minority. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (803) 366-4792.

So witnessed by me this 15th
day of July, 1994.

/s/ Susan M. George

My Commission expires 2-2004

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