Monument to the Catawbas

1600 - 1900

Standing in the Fort Mill, South Carolina public park is this monument erected to the memory of the Catawba Indians by Samuel Elliot White and John McKee Spratt, in 1900. The figure of the buffalo is wrought on one side of the monument, an appropriate testimony to the Catawba's prowess as hunters.   (From the book The Young Warrior and King Hagler)


-- 1800 --

Erected to the Catawba Indians by Sam'l Elliot White and John McKee Spratt. The latter is a descendant of Thomas Kanawha Spratt, and the former a descendant of William Elliot (a kinsman of Kanawha's) two of the first settlers in this portion of the Indian Land (1755-1760).

-- 1900 --

Names of the Catawbas who served in the Confederate Army

    Jeff Ayres
    John Harris
    Jim Harris
    Peter Harris, Jr.
    Bill Sanders
    Epp Harris
    John Scott
    William Canty
    Robert Marsh
    John Brown
    Gilbert George
    Alex Timms
    Billy George
    Bob Crawford
    John Sanders
    Nelson George
    Bob Head