Protest at Catawba Nation's Bingo Hall

On March 20, 2004, gatherings were held outside the Catawba Nation's bingo hall to protest the misuse of tribal bingo profits by the former Gilbert Blue administration. The members of this former Executive Committee still refuse to vacate the longhouse after being voted out in a lawful election on September 7, 2002. To date, they remain in control of the tribal assets, including the bingo hall, and continue to refuse to account for the profits. Below are a few photographs taken at this protest gathering. Another such gathering is planned for sometime in May, but a specific date has not yet been decided.

E. Fred Sanders has been a member of the Catawba Executive Committee for most of his professional life. In September 2003 he was elected Councilman and is a leader in the Traditionalist Political Faction called The Group. (Click on the above image to view the full-size image.) Deborah Harris Crisco is the daughter of the late Chief Raymond Harris. She has been a member of the Traditonalist Faction (The Group) from its foundation and is a leader among the Catawba who are asking for justice. In this photo, she is holding a memorial sign for Clair Sanders Wilson, niece of Fred Sanders, who died shortly before the protest and was one of its major organizers. (Click on the above image to view the full-size image.)