Catawba Pottery Page

Catawba pottery is a craft that has survived through the last two centuries despite the many hardships that the Catawba people suffered. On this page, we place photographs and articles about this art that has endured for so long. please contact the webmaster if you have any information, including photographs, on Catawba pottery that you would like to share.

Our special thanks to Dr. Thomas Blumer for his research on the topic which has lead t o his book titled Catawba Indian Pottery: The Survival of a Folk Tradition.

Catawba Indian Pottery: The Survival of a Folk Tradition Review of the new book by Dr. Thomas Blumer as it appeared in the University of Alabama Press, Spring/Summer 2004.

Dr. Thomas J. Blumer Honored for Lifetime of Achievement and Service to the Catawba Nation:  Copy of the invitation to The Friends of the Medford Library Annual Meeting where the donation of the Thomas Blumer Catawba Research Collection to the Metford Library will be announced. Meeting to be held 7:00 PM Thursday, March 18, 2004 in the atrium of the Medford Library. The event is free to the public.