This page provides information on environmental issues arising on Catawba lands, and their possible impact on sacred and historic sites. Our special thanks to Dr. Thomas Blumer for his report, titled "Sewer Line Blunder", which explains the impact of the proposed waste treatment plant and sewer lines on the Catawba land and waters. His report helped to start this page. Please contact the webmaster of this site if you have information on new or existing environment problems on Catawba lands.

NISBET BOTTOMS -- A Catawba Indian Treasure Trove  Paper by Dr. Thomas Blumer to defend the Nisbet Bottoms and its vast cultural and historical treasures. A .pdf version of this paper is also available for download (Download nisbet_bottoms.pdf). To open and read this document, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader program. This program is available for free download from the Adobe site at

Garris Reaction   Copy of the letter that was posted to the e-mail site SCTAN by Ms. Beckee Garris in reaction to the "Sewer Line Blunder" article posted by Dr. Thomas Blumer.

ALERT -- Sewer Line Blunder  A proposed waste treatment plant and sewer line system threatens waterways and sacred Catawba burial grounds. Report by Dr. Thomas Blumer.