Seeking Numbers on First People as Slaves and Hostage Children

If you have any information with references on the following two topics, the webmaster would greatly appreciate receiving this information. Please e-mail to


Webmaster would like to see what numbers can be collected with documented sources on the number of First People taken into slavery by invading explorers and/or settlers. It is known that the first peoples used as slaves in the "New World" by the invading Europeans were Native Peoples. The Webmaster is beginning a new project to attempt to estimate the actual numbers of First People who were enslaved in the "New World" and/or kidnapped and taken back to Europe for slavery. Any numbers of First People who died on such voyages or were abandoned in Europe are also of interest.

Hostage Children

Webmaster is also collecting information on First People children who were taken as hostages by the white settlers. It is known that this activity was done on the east coast and that one of the holding areas for these hostage children was at the College of William and Mary in Virginia. Information on these hostage programs, number of children taked, and locations held are all of interest.

Information on these topics will be posted on the Catawba-People website. Thank you for your time and effort