Patterson Family Photo Page

The following is a collection of photographs of James and Elizabeth (White) Patterson and their daughters. These photos were obtained from the collection by David Garce, son of Elbert Garce, as well as the collection of Judy Canty Martin. If you wish to reproduce these photographs, please contact the webmaster for written permission prior to reproducing.

Below are reduced-size images of the photographs collected for the Patterson Family Photo Page. To view the full-size image of one of these photographs, simply click on the image below.  If you wish to download the image file for this photograph, use the Save command (under the File menu item) on your web-browser.

   James Patterson    Elizabeth Patterson Martha (White) Harris
James Goodwin
Elizabeth Missouri
(White) Patterson

Martha Jane
(White) Harris
   Sister of Elizabeth
   (White) Patterson   

Patterson Sisters Abbie Ellen (Patterson) Garcia Patterson House
The Patterson Sisters
    Daughters of James and
Elizabeth Patterson

Abbie Ellen (Patterson) Garcia
   Daughter of James and   
Elizabeth Patterson

   The Patterson House   
Sanford, Colorado
Circa 1930s

Photographs of descendants of Abbie Ellen (Patterson) Garcia are shown in the Garcia Family Photo Page  Photographs of Rhoda Harris and descendants are shown in the Harris Family Photo Page