BIA Response to FOIA Request

In September 2002, Cynthia Walsh (webmaster) made a request to the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for documents pertaining to tribal enrollment procedures, access to the Long House, and BIA Charter status of federally recognized tribes. Unfortunately, the BIA response was neither timely nor helpful. Below is a copy of the response letter to Ms. Cynthia Walsh from Mr. Franklin Keel, BIA Regional Director. Also, we have provided a link to the letterfrom Mr. Brian Pogue to Chief Gilbert Blue concerning access to the Long House (ie. legible portions of the letter) which is mentioned in the response letter. The entire first paragraph of this letter was redacted without any justification as to why this information could not be released. We have also provided a link to a scanned image of the Hogue letter showing the redactions.

Webmaster is currently appealing this BIA determination.