What's Old?

This page is an archive of important past event pages posted on this site.

Event Page
    Date Originally Posted
Speech by Kevin Gover.   A copy of the speech given by Kevin Gover, Asst. Secretary of Indian Affairs on September 8, 2000, the official 175th Aniversary of the establishment of the Bureau of Indian Affairs
      September 23, 2000
Elizabeth Colliflower trip report   Along with this report, the Tribal Enrollment Procedures document was also posted.
      August 6, 2000
Justice Denied
      July 31, 2000
U.S. Attorney Representing the BIA Mis-Represents Facts to Ms. Judy Canty Martin and to the Court
      July 8, 2000
Stop the Bureau of Indian Affairs' Publication of the Final Catawba Membership Roll
      June 27, 2000